Tracked Access Hire in Ashurst Wood

Tracked Access Hire in Ashurst Wood

We offer the best tracked cherry pickers for hire across the country. If you would like to find out more please get in touch.

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Tracked Cherry Picker Hire in Ashurst Wood

Powered access platforms have a huge variety of indoor and outdoor applications in Ashurst Wood RH19 3 from a straight vertical lift to truck-mounted cherry pickers.

Our cherry pickers are available to hire all across the UK, helping workers gain access to areas that they can't reach alone and offering more powered access equipment for both contractors and workers. Each of our hired cheery pickers is designed to be durable, reliable and suitable for a number of roles.


Do I Need a Powered Access Platform?

Powered access equipment is the core of many construction, maintenance and refurbishment projects all across the country.

Outdoor projects can especially benefit from them - simple boom lifts are able to act as a raised working surface that experienced operators can use for tough projects.

Our various cherry pickers are all suitable for numerous situations and in varying roles, all boasting a relatively compact and lightweight design that allows for easy relocation in the worksite.

Which Lift Should I Use?

We have a range of different stable work platforms for companies to hire, many of which are suitable as a low-level access platform or a solution to working on uneven ground. Whether you need to work in narrow areas or wide-open restricted spaces, we have a lot of options on offer.

Cherry Pickers

Cherry pickers are a core part of our inventory and have been a useful tool for countless UK-based companies and teams in the past. We have various different types available to hire, so contact us if you need specific details on a certain model or option.

Truck-Mounted Cherry Pickers

Our truck-mounted cherry pickers are incredibly versatile and can access narrow areas quite easily, as well as allowing workers to get up higher without needing to climb stairs. As mounted platforms, they are also far more stable and easier to move around.

Tracked Mounted Platforms

A tracked chassis allows for more movement and easier relocation, as well as better control with uneven surfaces. These make for ideal tools in outdoor areas. Track-mounted platforms are smaller than ones mounted on trucks, making them quick to move around.

Spider Lift

A spider lift is a stable work platform that can raise up a single worker across a huge range of movements. Spider lifts can also offer a good maximum outreach in any direction but works best in wider areas with more space for the supports.

Scissor Lifts

Our scissor lifts offer great vertical movement and can support more than one person at once, making them a staple of any experienced team that works with tall buildings.

Boom Lifts

Our boom lifts are spider lifts on a smaller scale, stretching out to allow for more control over where the lift is placed while generally supporting a single person. A boom lift is simple but works well for maintenance contractors.

Mast Lift

A mast lift is best used for crowded industrial aisles. Smaller and more compact than a scissor lift, they move vertically up smaller spaces. The lighter weight makes them suitable for delicate floors.


What Should I Hire in Ashurst Wood?

What you need is entirely up to your requirements. We can accommodate all kinds of powered access platform needs, whether that is track mounts for dealing with soft ground, mast lifts aimed at reducing ground bearing pressure, or a boom lift meant for steep inclines.

Telecommunications companies might go for a boom lift or spider lift, while a construction company might have to hire fleet-wide scissor lifts to build an entire west wing of a building. However, our cherry picker line is exceedingly popular and can suit many situations.

Why a Cherry Picker?

Our cherry pickers are some of the most reliable platforms we can offer, whether they are mounted on a truck, placed on track mounts or used as a standalone tool. They are also very flexible and have a versatile range of movement for accommodating different tasks.

What Now?

If you are interested in hiring any of our powered access options, get in touch and let us know what you are looking for. We can provide an option that suits your needs or project perfectly and help you choose one that might work best with your existing tools or equipment.

When you are ready to take a deeper look at our line of options, either take a look at our site or contact us directly. We have plenty of different lifts available for hire, many of which can be the ideal option for your next project or job.


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