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We are aerial lift specialists that can offer the best Trailer Mounted Cherry Pickers in Airidh a Bhruaich HS2 9 at great hire prices to give you the perfect solution for your project.

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Trailer Mounted Cherry Picker Hire in Airidh a Bhruaich

We offer trailer mounted cherry pickers to sites across the UK, offering construction, civil engineering, rail, water, oil, and gas sectors the best tools in the business. Pickers can be useful in various circumstances in Airidh a Bhruaich HS2 9 which is why we have a full fleet of trailer-mounted boom lifts and other access equipment available across the country.

A trailer-mounted boom creates a safe working load through a powered access platform, making it easy to move heavy debris and materials on site. We offer a range of equipment types to ensure we can offer the best services to our customers. A trailer-mounted cherry picker is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment, offering various platform height through the most compact chassis possible, which is why they work on multiple sites.


If you need tools for a safe working load, then we are the leading providers of tools for hire which can be used in construction and other industries. We have a huge range of equipment available to hire that is specifically designed for construction use.

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What Is A Cherry Picker?

A cherry picker is a form of access equipment that is commonly used in construction work and other industries, such as maintenance or cleaning. They are used to provide access to working heights, and using a cherry picker gives you access to a wider range of working outreach which can be useful for various kinds of tasks.

With their maximum reach performance and working width abilities, a cherry picker can be a useful tool in multiple industries, including construction, cleaning, repair, or maintenance. A cherry picker is the most common name for this kind of equipment, but they are also known as Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) in the industry.

Most truck mounted cherry pickers are made to accommodate one or more people on the working height platform.

We offer various kinds of pickers, including telescopic booms, trailer or truck-mounted pickers, and smaller models which you can operate independently. The difference between these working height platforms is their size and capacity, which makes them better suited to specific jobs.

As the name suggests, a trailer-mounted cherry picker is the name given to models that are road-towable. They can be towed by a vehicle like a trailer which makes for easy transport to the site. Truck mounted pickers are larger models with greater platform height that are towable by heavier vehicles, like a truck. Once they arrive on-site, pickers can be set up quickly using manual or hydraulic outriggers.

We have a range of working height access equipment available to hire, and we serve multiple locations across the UK. If you are interested in a reliable hire company for this kind of equipment, you can request more details from us using the contact form below.


What Are Pickers Used For?

As a leading hire business for this kind of equipment, we offer a lot of boom lift tools which is why we can serve a range of clients across the UK. This machine is designed to lift and manage heavy weights, allowing workers to control a safe working load on-site.

With a versatile telescopic upper boom lift, our trailer mounted cherry pickers for hire offer a great working outreach that can make work on site easier and safe to complete.

Like all powered access vehicles, there is a special licence that is required to operate these lifts with a safe working load of more than 3.5 tonnes. You can legally drive a compact vehicle of under 3.5 tonnes with a valid UK driving licence, but for larger platforms, you will need either a trainer operator or you can undergo training yourself to control it independently if it is self-drive.

This kind of machine offers an elevated working height, and for some machines, the safe working load allows for two people on the platform. Most of the mounted pickers we offer can handle one person as a safe working load on the platform, and the telescopic upper boom offers great reach.

If you want to hire a machine for additional access to working height limits, you must understand the rules that are in place for the operation. The main purpose of a cherry picker is to have access to a working height that cannot be reached without the machine, and we offer various kinds to ensure that all of our clients can have their needs met.

Based on the needs of the site, you may need a light working height or a stronger capacity which is why we offer several kinds of pickers for hire. We can deliver pickers, and as this machine is trailer mounted, they are easy to transport around the site yourself.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire Pickers in Airidh a Bhruaich?

The cost to hire this kind of equipment can vary based on your location, the length of the rental, and the kind of machine you need. In most cases, hiring a cherry picker is much more affordable than paying for scaffolding which can give you the same working height, and this is why many people across the UK rely on our company.

The average cost for hiring equipment like this is between £25 and £50 per hour, based on the size of the crew that is needed. It is also possible to hire this equipment per day, based on your needs.

We offer various kinds of equipment which is used for a working height, and the cost of hire can vary based on the rental period and your location. This is why it is best to contact your local branch to see what they have available to hire, as it will cost less to rent equipment from your local area.

Our company can deliver our working height equipment for hire to your site for an additional fee.

If you are looking for more information on the subject of hire costs, please get in touch with our team today to learn more and see how we can help you.


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