IPAF Training in Wester Deloraine

IPAF Training in Wester Deloraine

We offer IPAF training at the very best prices across the United Kingdom and we provide the greatest services.

IPAF Courses in Wester Deloraine

IPAF Courses in Wester Deloraine

If you are interested in our IPAF courses, please get in touch today to make the most of our great prices and we will get right back to you.

MEWP Training Course in Wester Deloraine

MEWP Training Course in Wester Deloraine

In many industries a MEWP training course is essential, this is why we offer these courses at reasonable prices to help various contractors across the UK.

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IPAF Training in Wester Deloraine

Could IPAF training in Wester Deloraine TD7 5 be the challenge you are looking for? Maybe you've been stuck in the same job for a while and want a complete change of scenery, or maybe you already work with equipment within the powered access platforms industry and want to increase your knowledge and expertise.

Could it be that your business is expanding and you need more qualified operators to carry out the requirements of these projects you have? If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', then you should read on.

By taking part in an IPAF-training course by our team https://www.aerial-lifts.co.uk/scottish-borders/wester-deloraine/ that may only take just one or two days, you could be on your way to becoming a licensed operator of a cherry picker, a spider lift, scissor lifts, boom lifts and aerial lifts to name but a few.

IPAF training in Wester Deloraine TD7 5 will not only give you the confidence to operate this machinery, but a license that is universally recognized by the platforms industry.

With these new-found skills you could potentially expand your revenue, open doors to new employment opportunities, or apply for a better paying position that had always eluded you until now. So, what is an IPAF-licence and how do you get one?

If you are interested in IPAF-training, please get in touch today and we will be able to sort this out for you. Simply fill in our contact box provided and we will reply with all the help and information you require. 

IPAF Licence Near Me

An IPAF licence is also known as a Powered Access License, or a PAL card, and is awarded upon successful completion of IPAF training. They are valid for five years and display the photo and signature of holder.

They are the most widely accepted acknowledgment that the platform operator holding it has been trained, tested and approved to operate a mode of platform access machinery.

Attaining one couldn't be simpler too, as International Powered Access Federation are at the forefront of powered access training and are one of the most widespread training program operators across the world.

What is IPAF?

IPAF, or the International Powered Access Federation, is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 with the intention of promoting safe and effective use of powered machine access worldwide.

Not only has IPAF contributed to the overall design of the majority of access equipment being used today, but they have also been responsible for implementing many health and safety procedures that are now in place too.

With the help of its members, it acts as a forum for only rental and training companies, but for the manufacturers and distributors as well. 

All these training courses are certified by TÜV as conforming to ISO 18878, and over 10,000 operators are trained each year. With this amount of experience and credibility, it's no wonder that their courses are so trusted and respected.

Membership of IPAF is available to anyone who use access platforms from a wide variety of sources. Manufacturers and rental and distribution companies from more than 45 different countries around the world are just some of the businesses that benefit from International Powered Access Federation membership.

Membership gives you free access to a wealth of knowledge and support and the opportunity to influence legislations and regulations that affect platform users.

MEWP Training Courses in Wester Deloraine

MEWP's, or Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, are obviously hugely useful pieces of equipment, but they can also be dangerous too. As with all areas of industry these days, health and safety issues are a paramount, especially when it comes to operating heavy machinery.

Training courses including PASMA courses https://www.aerial-lifts.co.uk/training/pasma/scottish-borders/wester-deloraine/ must be completed and validated before they may be operated, and that's where IPAF come in. MEWP training courses are designed to enable the operator to work safely at height, but also to respect the machinery and increase their knowledge of hazards, both for themselves and their co-workers around them.

There are seven different categories of MEWP alone, so for every type of elevating platform there's a course to match it. So, if you need to know your telehandler from your boom truck, then you should get in touch and let us help you select which IPAF course best suits your needs.

IPAF Course Near Me

Registering on an IPAF course couldn't be easier or more convenient. Training can be done at one of over 600 registered IPAF training centres located across the globe. These courses are a mixture of practice and theory, with both a written exam and a practical element too.

Costs and time scales vary from course to course, so for more information, do not hesitate to speak to us.

The great thing about our course is that it is available local to you in Wester Deloraine TD7 5 and in surrounding areas nearby workplaces, etc.

We will also provide additional training services https://www.aerial-lifts.co.uk/training/telehandler-training/scottish-borders/wester-deloraine/  closest to your needs and requirements and you can be sure you are getting the very best training. If you are interested in getting on one of our courses today, please complete the contact box below 

Cherry Picker Training

One most popular course is for cherry picker training. Cherry pickers are so versatile that they can be used in a multitude of environments; from warehouses to construction, from erecting signs to changing shelving combinations in supermarkets.

You might even work within the hiring industry and need to know how these machines operate so you can advise your own clients. Whatever the situation, there is a special course available to suit your individual needs.

'Cherry Picker' is a general term used for a number of platforms, but International Powered Access Federation Category 3a usually relates to Scissor Lifts, while Category 3b refers to the safe use of Mobile Boom machines with self-propelled and telescopic booms that can be operated at height.

Also in this category is the IPAF 1b, which covers Static Boom machines such as spider booms, that are fitted with outriggers and therefore cannot be operated while elevated. If your company could benefit from more qualified cherry picker operators, get in touch with us to see what we could offer you.

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If you would like more information about any IPAF-training courses that are available, please speak to a member of our team today by filling in our contact form provided. We can accommodate for all specifications and varieties of equipment, as we work with all the main manufacturers including Genie, Nifty and JLG.

You can rest assured that the course will not only be recognised, but that it will be relevant to your needs too. IPAF training in Wester Deloraine TD7 5 will not only improve the assets that you currently have, but through this membership you'll gain access to a wealth of extra resources. Don't delay, contact us today.

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