PASMA License Card in Airdtorrisdale

PASMA License Card in Airdtorrisdale

We can offer PASMA courses across the United Kingdom at reasonable prices. We will help you with your assessment so you receive a PASMA Card.

Mobile Towering Training in Airdtorrisdale

Mobile Towering Training in Airdtorrisdale

We can offer mobile towering training for your employees. We have the best prices for our work at height training courses, so please get in touch for more details.

PASMA Training Courses in Airdtorrisdale

PASMA Training Courses in Airdtorrisdale

If you are interested in PASMA training, make certain to get in touch with one of our professionals today by filling in the enquiry form.

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PASMA Training in Airdtorrisdale

We offer top-quality PASMA training in Airdtorrisdale KW14 7 and can schedule your PASMA course as soon as possible. PASMA stands for Prefabricated Access Suppliers Manufacturers Association and is a training course that allows participants to develop their skills to and the safe use of mobile access towers.

If you would like any more information on a PASMA training course near you or are looking to partake in the program, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our specialist training providers as soon as possible.

We are very experienced with spider lifts and a range of other aerial lifts and are always more than happy to help you in organizing this course for you.


There are thousands of people that complete this every year and the number rises every year. As the licence is only valid for 5 years, a PASMA licence will expire and you will need to book another training course. Get in touch with us to schedule yours today.

We contact many different training centres across the UK every day and can, therefore, refer you to them to ensure that you only need to travel a small distance to partake in the class.

PASMA Certificate

The PASMA Certificate is well recognized across the construction industry due to the popularity of the program and how essential it is for builders and construction employees across the globe.

Construction towers are really beneficial for any construction work in Airdtorrisdale KW14 7 and will always be required during building work. To gain your PASMA certification, you will need to obviously pay a fee for this course and you will need time to achieve successful completion of the training course.

PASMA Training Cost in Airdtorrisdale

We offer PASMA courses at the best prices across the UK. We also offer a great discount per person for groups. Contact us to find out our prices in Airdtorrisdale - you won't be disappointed!

We have specialists working day in day out to arrange these courses and can simply book them at a training centre near you in Airdtorrisdale so you can complete this as fast as possible. Successful delegates will receive a PASMA ID card after successfully finishing the course.

From the beginning of 2021, PASMA announced that every access tower photo ID card will now carry the CSCS logo (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). CSCS is the most popular card scheme for the UK construction industry.

What is PASMA?

PASMA is an essential safety training course for scaffolding and mobile access towers across the UK. The PASMA initials educate willing participants of the course to learn all about everything to do with these mobile access towers.

The program covers everything from hazards, legal duties, and functions of components to codes of practice, assembly, dismantling and generally using mobile access tower equipment. We provide candidates with a set of excellent skills and knowledge by our team of experts to ensure that you and the people around you are kept safe after you safely erect the mobile tower.

Our company would highly advise you to think about our PASMA training coursestraight away.

If you plan on working in the height industry or are already in the work at height industry, you will understand that you won't get very far without the PASMA certification.

It is the foundation to the start of any career that involves PASMA work at height and therefore it is essential that you contact us to organize your PASMA course as soon as possible!


PASMA Tower Training in Airdtorrisdale

It is crucial that the learners of the scheme leave with the best experience and knowledge on everything related to these mobile access towers. If not, there is the possibility of major injuries and even death if they are not set up correctly.

The mobile towers that are constructed can reach great heights so poor setup or low tower stability can result in very bad consequences. A fall from such height is likely to damage any scaffolders or construction workers and for this reason, the assembly needs to be perfect when on construction sites to ensure good health and safety.

The hazards alone are a huge part of the ability to build these towers and work from these heights. There are that many different threats to your health and safety and the safety of others around you that everything from assembly to dismantling the tower needs to be spot on in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

You must realise that some of these hazards will be out of your control such as environmental effects in Airdtorrisdale like strong winds.

There are also many factors involved in determining if a delegate is suitable for mobile tower access including being physically fit, eyesight or impaired limb function problems, drug dependence, heart disease, high blood pressure, psychiatric illness and epilepsy. This is because the assembly and use can be extremely physically demanding on an individual so it is important that health and safety and work at height regulations 2005 are followed and that you have an understanding of current relevant legislation.

If you don't consider yourself physically fit or match any of the potential issues above, it may be worth thinking twice about a PASMA course. Feel free to contact us for further information and we can help determine if a course in Airdtorrisdale is suitable for you.

Due to this, you must be able to stay calm and think fast under pressure. However, in the session, you will obviously be taught on factors to fight these and in this case, ways to prevent winds such as stability-enhancing procedures.

Looking to arrange a 1-day training program for yourself? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with our specialist training providers as soon as possible to ask any questions about dates, participation or the training scheme and we will respond as soon as possible with all the information you need.

PASMA Course Length

The PASMA Course in Airdtorrisdale lasts 1 day and is valid for 5 years. This means that if you continue to require to appropriately build scaffolding towers and mobile access towers, you will need to complete the program again after the 5 years has passed.

We work alongside a number of training centres across the UK and can refer you to the closest centre near you. We always aim to ensure that you are pleased with your practical training session and to do this we take many precautions to ensure that you learn everything you need to learn to be as safe as possible to build the mobile access towers and to pass your written and practical test.

Your practical assessment will end the day and once you pass the course it might be a good idea to try out used lifts as these are much cheaper. We can provide all of the equipment needed for any practical assessment including an advanced guardrail for 3T erection.

Here is an overview of all of the PASMA courses we offer:

  • PASMA Training Course
  • PASMA Work at Height Essentials Course
  • PASMA Low Level Course
  • PASMA Combined Course

By the end of the training scheme, you will have acquired all skills needed to complete a PASMA course including the most important aspect, health & safety. We have a number of 1-day open training courses available so make sure you get in touch with us today to schedule yours and ensure the maximum health & safety when it comes to mobile access towers.


Other Training We Offer

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Our PASMA training is very reliable and are widely accepted across the UK. If you are interested in our 1-day training courses in Airdtorrisdale KW14 7 or are looking for any more information on the course, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible.

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