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Late updated: 29 Apr 2024

Best Aerial Lift Manufacturers

Regarding choosing a telescopic boom lift, it's important to compare the various brands available to ensure you select the right one for your specific needs. Whether you require maximum reach and versatility in challenging terrains or industry-best reach capacity, evaluating different telescopic boom lift brands can help you make an informed decision.

Telescopic Boom Lift Brands

The telescopic boom lift market features several prominent brands, each offering unique advantages and capabilities in the realm of aerial work platforms and construction equipment.

Understanding the strengths and specialties of brands such as JLG, Genie, Skyjack, Haulotte, Snorkel, and MEC is essential for making an informed choice when selecting a telescopic boom lift.


JLG, a renowned name in the industry, offers a diverse product line of telescopic boom lifts that cater to the varying needs of operators and construction professionals.

With a focus on maximum reach and versatile functionality, JLG's telescopic boom lifts are designed to enhance productivity and ensure easy operation in demanding work environments.

The JLG product line encompasses various models, each tailored to specific project requirements. For instance, the JLG 660SJ boasts an industry-leading platform height of 66 feet, providing access to challenging elevations, while the JLG 860SJ extends reach to a remarkable 86 feet, offering unparalleled versatility.

These machines are equipped with advanced features like platform rotation and 360-degree continuous turntable rotation, allowing operators to navigate complex job sites with ease. JLG's commitment to safety is evident in features such as zone-rated load sensing and integrated harness attachment points, ensuring secure operation at all times.

The precision control system enhances manoeuvrability, enabling operators to achieve precise positioning and efficient completion of tasks.


Genie's range of telescopic boom lifts encompasses self-propelled models designed to provide superior performance and reliability, backed by comprehensive customer support and training resources.

With a focus on safety, innovation, and after-sales assistance, Genie's telescopic boom lifts offer unparalleled efficiency and ease of use for operators across diverse industries.

These self-propelled boom lifts from Genie feature advanced technological innovations that ensure smooth and precise manoeuvrability, even in challenging work environments. The intuitive controls and ergonomic design enhance operator comfort and productivity, making them ideal for prolonged use.

Genie's commitment to safety is evident in the incorporation of features such as platform overload sensing system, tilt alarm, and descent control for added operator protection.

What sets Genie apart is their dedication to customer satisfaction, with comprehensive training programmes that address safe operation, maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting techniques. In addition, the availability of responsive technical support and parts services reinforces the value of investing in Genie's telescopic boom lifts.


Skyjack's telescopic boom lifts, known for their robust design and adaptability to rough terrain, stand as a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering reliable and versatile equipment solutions.

With a focus on articulating boom lifts and rough terrain capabilities, Skyjack offers operators industry-leading reach capacity and productivity in challenging work environments.

The Skyjack SJ86T and SJ1056 TH models exemplify the brand's dedication to providing top-tier telescopic boom lifts for rough terrain applications.

Equipped with four-wheel drive and efficient traction control systems, these machines effortlessly navigate uneven, rugged landscapes, ensuring stable and safe operations.

Skyjack's proprietary axle-based steering system enhances manoeuvrability, while the advanced control technology optimises performance and precision.

These features collectively make Skyjack telescopic boom lifts critical for construction, maintenance, and industrial projects in demanding outdoor settings.


Haulotte's telescopic boom lifts, manufactured with a focus on compact design and enhanced manoeuvrability, offer operators a range of solutions tailored to their specific needs.

As industry leaders, Haulotte's commitment to innovation and compact base designs ensures that their telescopic boom lifts deliver exceptional reach and performance in diverse working environments.

One of the standout models in Haulotte's lineup is the HT23 RTJ O, renowned for its compact size and impressive outreach capabilities. This model's compact base allows for easy navigation through confined spaces, making it ideal for use in construction, maintenance, and industrial applications.

Haulotte integrates advanced features such as simultaneous movements for improved productivity. The Haulotte HT67 RTJ O further exemplifies the company's dedication to compact design. Equipped with a versatile jib, this model ensures precise positioning and accessibility to challenging work areas. The ergonomic and intuitive controls contribute to its ease of operation, enhancing overall efficiency on job sites.


Snorkel's telescopic boom lifts are renowned for their maximum height capabilities and robust equipment design, offering operators reliable platforms for elevated work applications.

With a commitment to delivering efficient and durable equipment, Snorkel's telescopic boom lifts cater to a wide range of industry requirements with their innovative features and exceptional performance.

The telescopic boom lifts from Snorkel embody the brand's dedication to precision engineering and practicality. The equipment's remarkable maximum height ensures it can adeptly address diverse industrial needs, from construction and maintenance to telecommunications and landscaping.

Snorkel's unwavering focus on ergonomic and safe operator platforms underscores their commitment to maximising productivity and worker safety. These lifts are engineered to withstand demanding work conditions, offering exceptional reliability and efficiency for businesses.


MEC's range of articulated telescopic boom lifts exemplifies the brand's commitment to industry-leading reach capacity and versatile solutions for aerial work platforms.

With a comprehensive product range and innovative features, MEC's telescopic boom lifts provide operators with the efficiency and flexibility required to maximise productivity in demanding work environments.

MEC's articulated telescopic boom lifts are known for their exceptional reach capacity, making them ideal for navigating challenging work areas. These boom lifts are designed and engineered to cater to a wide range of applications, including construction, maintenance, and industrial tasks.

What sets MEC's boom lifts apart is their incorporation of advanced technology and safety features. This allows operators to work with confidence and precision, leading to increased efficiency and reduced downtime. The ergonomic design and intuitive controls also contribute to operator comfort, ultimately improving productivity and job satisfaction.

Top 10 Boom lift Brands

The roster of top 10 boom lift brands features industry-leading names such as Aichi Corporation, Dinolift OY, Haulotte Group, Hunan Sinoboom Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd, JLG Industries, Inc., LGMG North America Inc., Linamar Corporation, Manitou Group, MEC Aerial Work Platforms, and Tadano Ltd, each contributing unique expertise and product lines to the global market.

These brands have made significant contributions to the boom lift industry with their innovative designs, advanced technology, and a wide range of models catering to diverse applications.

Aichi Corporation is renowned for its precision engineering and specialises in high-quality aerial work platforms used in construction and maintenance tasks. On the other hand, Dinolift OY has gained recognition for its environmentally friendly and energy-efficient boom lifts, making them a preferred choice for sustainable projects.

The Haulotte Group, a trusted name in the industry, offers an extensive portfolio of boom lift solutions, including telescopic and articulating models that deliver exceptional performance and versatility. Similarly, Hunan Sinoboom Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd has carved a niche with its cutting-edge technology, focusing on safety, reliability, and user-friendly designs to ensure optimal productivity on job sites.

JLG Industries, Inc. stands out as a pioneer in the boom lift sector, consistently introducing advanced features and ergonomic designs. LGMG North America Inc., with its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, has rapidly expanded its presence in the global market, offering a comprehensive range of boom lifts suitable for varied industrial requirements.

Linamar Corporation specialises in creating durable and high-performance boom lift solutions, backed by a reputation for quality craftsmanship and engineering excellence. Manitou Group has established itself as a leader in the material handling equipment industry, providing robust and reliable boom lifts designed for heavy-duty applications.

MEC Aerial Work Platforms has been a consistent player, offering an extensive lineup of boom lifts known for their sturdiness, maneuverability, and advanced features, catering to the evolving needs of the construction and maintenance sectors. Tadano Ltd, a renowned global manufacturer, has set benchmarks with its state-of-the-art boom lifts incorporating advanced technology, safety features, and enhanced efficiency, ensuring seamless operations across various work environments.

Aichi Corporation (Toyota Industries Corporation)

Aichi Corporation, a subsidiary of Toyota Industries Corporation, is distinguished for its state-of-the-art lifting platforms and self-drive cherry pickers, designed to deliver superior performance and reliability in diverse operational settings. With a focus on innovative engineering and industry-leading technology, Aichi Corporation's contributions to the cherry picker market are highly regarded for their efficiency and precision.

The company's lifting platforms are engineered to meet the specific demands of various industries, offering exceptional stability and height capabilities.

Aichi's range of self-drive cherry pickers embodies advanced features, such as intuitive control systems and robust construction, ensuring safe and productive operations at elevated heights.

Utilising state-of-the-art hydraulic systems and telescopic technology, Aichi's lifting solutions enable seamless manoeuvrability and precise positioning, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

The brand's commitment to continuous improvement has resulted in the integration of state-of-the-art safety features, setting new benchmarks for workplace safety standards.

Dinolift OY

Dinolift OY stands as a prominent player in the boom lift industry, offering innovative solutions such as static base lifts that cater to the maintenance and operational needs of diverse sectors. With a focus on robust design and reliable performance, Dinolift OY's range of boom lifts exemplifies the brand's dedication to delivering efficient and durable equipment for various applications.

These static base lifts from Dinolift OY are engineered to provide stable and secure platforms for carrying out maintenance tasks at height, ensuring operational efficiency and worker safety.

The brand's steadfast commitment to equipment reliability is evident in the meticulous design and construction of these lifts, incorporating features that enhance stability and ease of maintenance.

Haulotte Group \(Solem SA\)

As a division of Solem SA, Haulotte Group is renowned for its comprehensive range of boom lifts and forklift solutions designed with a focus on compact base designs and enhanced lifting capabilities.

Haulotte Group's commitment to innovation and operational efficiency is exemplified by its range of versatile equipment that caters to the specific requirements of diverse industries and applications.

With a strong emphasis on compact base designs, Haulotte's boom lifts and forklift solutions offer exceptional manoeuvrability, making them ideal for confined or congested work areas. This innovative approach not only enhances safety but also boosts productivity, allowing operators to access difficult-to-reach areas with ease.

Haulotte Group's lifting capabilities are tailored to meet the evolving demands of various industries, including construction, maintenance, and warehousing. Their equipment is equipped with advanced features such as precise positioning, high reach, and heavy lifting capacities, ensuring optimal performance in diverse work environments.

Haulotte's solutions are widely recognised for their adaptability and reliability, addressing the unique challenges faced by professionals in industry-specific applications. Whether it's navigating tight spaces in urban construction sites or efficiently handling materials in warehouses, their equipment is engineered to deliver consistent performance and operational convenience.

Hunan Sinoboom Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd

Hunan Sinoboom Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd stands as a leading provider of advanced lifting platforms and electric scissor lifts, renowned for their precision engineering and innovative design.

With a focus on operational safety and efficiency, the brand's range of boom lifts and scissor lifts caters to the evolving demands of diverse industries, ensuring reliable and productive performance.

These cutting-edge electric scissor lifts from Sinoboom incorporate state-of-the-art technology and meticulous engineering, offering exceptional manoeuvrability and stability.

Their intuitive control systems and responsive handling make them ideal for tasks requiring precision positioning at height, enhancing operational efficiency in various industrial settings.

The brand's commitment to innovative design is evident in the development of specialised lifting platforms tailored for specific industry requirements, providing a competitive edge in safety, performance and productivity.

JLG Industries, Inc. (Oshkosh Corporation)

JLG Industries, Inc., a subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation, is renowned for its innovative range of hydraulic cherry pickers and comprehensive after-sales support services. With a commitment to maximising operator efficiency and equipment performance, JLG's range of cherry pickers embodies the brand's dedication to reliability, durability, and seamless operational support.

The hydraulic cherry pickers from JLG Industries, Inc. are designed to meet the demanding needs of various industries, including construction, maintenance, and warehousing. These versatile machines offer unparalleled reach and flexibility, allowing operators to access elevated work areas with ease.

JLG's after-sales support services ensure that customers receive timely maintenance, genuine replacement parts, and expert technical assistance, thereby enhancing the machine reliability and longevity. This comprehensive approach underscores JLG's commitment to customer satisfaction and safety.

LGMG North America Inc.

LGMG North America Inc. maintains a prominent position in the boom lift market with its range of innovative self-propelled boom lifts, designed to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency.

With a focus on streamlined maintenance and operational reliability, LGMG's boom lifts offer operators a seamless and dependable solution for diverse aerial work applications.

Their self-propelled boom lifts are engineered to excel in various industry-specific tasks, from construction and maintenance to events and utilities.

The advanced design ensures high manoeuvrability, precise positioning, and exceptional reach, optimising productivity while ensuring safety.

LGMG's unwavering dedication to operational reliability means their boom lifts are equipped with robust components, cutting-edge technology, and ergonomic features, allowing operators to work with confidence and efficiency.

Regarding maintenance, LGMG's self-propelled boom lifts prioritise ease of service, with accessible components and streamlined diagnostics, minimising downtime and optimising uptime for increased operational effectiveness.

Linamar Corporation

Linamar Corporation's comprehensive line of cherry pickers and access platforms showcase the brand's commitment to delivering versatile and reliable solutions for diverse industry requirements. With a focus on forklift truck applications and operational adaptability, Linamar's equipment portfolio offers operators the flexibility and performance needed to excel in demanding operational environments.

These access platforms are engineered to meet the specific needs of various industries, from construction and maintenance to warehousing and logistics.

The cherry pickers feature advanced technology and ergonomic design, providing enhanced stability and reach for elevated tasks.

Linamar's dedication to industry-specific applications ensures that their equipment meets the diverse challenges faced by professionals in different sectors.

Manitou Group

Manitou Group's range of boom lifts and aerial work platforms is distinguished by its focus on compact base designs and static base lifts, offering operators efficient and adaptable solutions for various operational contexts. With a commitment to innovative engineering and performance optimisation, Manitou's equipment delivers reliable and versatile performance across diverse industry applications.

The emphasis on compact base designs enhances the manoeuvrability and stability of Manitou's boom lifts and aerial work platforms, allowing them to navigate tight spaces and rough terrains with ease. This focus on flexibility and efficiency is evident in the brand's line of static base lifts, which provide sturdy support for elevated work, ensuring safety and precision in various working environments.

Manitou Group's dedication to innovative engineering is reflected in the integration of advanced technologies and ergonomic features in their equipment, enhancing operator comfort and productivity. The compact base designs and static base lifts contribute to improved performance and adaptability, making Manitou's products well-suited for construction, maintenance, and industrial tasks.

MEC Aerial Work Platforms

MEC Aerial Work Platforms is recognised for its range of boom lifts and rough terrain scissor lifts, known for their exceptional maximum height capabilities and adaptability to challenging operational landscapes. With a focus on industry-best reach capacity and equipment versatility, MEC's offerings cater to the diverse needs of operators and construction professionals across the globe.

Their rough terrain scissor lifts, in particular, stand out for their ability to navigate through rough, uneven terrains with ease, providing stability and efficiency in various construction projects.

MEC's commitment to innovation and operational adaptability is evident in their advanced features that enable these scissor lifts to handle demanding work environments. The brand's emphasis on maximum height capabilities ensures that operators can reach greater elevations, enhancing productivity and safety on the job site.

Tadano Ltd

Tadano Ltd's diverse line of boom lifts and lifting platforms encompasses a range of solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency and reliability for operators worldwide. With an emphasis on forklift applications and operational adaptability, Tadano's equipment portfolio showcases the brand's dedication to delivering versatile and reliable solutions for various industry requirements.

The range of boom lifts and lifting platforms offered by Tadano Ltd caters to a wide spectrum of industrial needs, ensuring that operators can efficiently handle tasks at various heights and challenging working environments.

Whether in construction, warehousing, or maintenance operations, Tadano's commitment to enhancing operational adaptability is evident in their equipment's ability to navigate diverse work settings with ease and precision.

Tadano's focus on forklift applications underscores their understanding of the specific demands of material handling, providing lifting platforms that not only elevate operational ease but also uphold safety standards and efficiency.

This dedication to industry-specific applications highlights Tadano's attentiveness to the nuanced requirements of different sectors, reinforcing their position as an industry leader in delivering reliable and adaptable lifting solutions.

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