Boom Lift Hire in Buckinghamshire

Boom Lift Hire in Buckinghamshire

We can offer boom lift hire across the UK to help construction companies work at a reasonable cost. For details, please complete the contact form.

Boom Lift for Sale in Buckinghamshire

Boom Lift for Sale in Buckinghamshire

If you are interested in boom lift for sale, our experts offer the very best prices and can provide you with a reasonable quote.

Articulated Boom Lifts in Buckinghamshire

Articulated Boom Lifts in Buckinghamshire

We have a wide range of equipment to choose from including articulated boom lifts and more. For more details, please complete the contact form provided.

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Boom Lift Hire in Buckinghamshire

If you're interested in boom lift hire in Buckinghamshire MK18 2 then we can help. What do you expect from this type of hire company? Reliability? Knowledgeability? Great customer service? Well maintained machines? Great choice? All of the above? Well, it just so happens that we agree with you entirely, which is why our range of boom lifts for hire is second to none.

Our exceptional range of MEWPs can be used in a variety of different locations and adapt to whatever the job requires of it. If you require training prior to this, make sure to find out about our PASMA training sessions which could help you.

So, whether you're in construction, you need to fit out a store, your warehouse needs a new cherry picker or whether you just simply need to change a light bulb in a high ceiling, we've got the hire equipment to make sure you can get the job done. On time, on budget with no fuss.


We only hire out the best equipment, using trusted brands such as Genie, so you may be sure you are getting a world-class product for your money and it will get the job done at the first time of asking.

Listed below is just a small sample of what we may offer you. If you don't see something that you need, just contact a member of our friendly, professional colleagues who will endeavour to help you to get the best machine for your project and at the very best price.

To speak to our team about the renting options available, please complete the contact form provided and we will get back to you right away.

Cherry Picker Near Me

The cherry picker; although the term is now used as a generic description for most aerial work platforms and elevated work platforms, the cherry picker had very humble beginnings.

Starting off life as a way to remove fruit from orchards without damaging the trees, the idea expanded exponentially and eventually morphed into today's powerful hydraulic devices.

The beauty of the cherry picker is in its simplicity. They're easy to control, compact and are highly adaptable. Other than some required IPAF training in Buckinghamshire MK18 2 which may be completed within a few days, they are very simple and easy to use.

They be used inside and outside for tasks as diverse as trimming high branches from trees to installing pneumatic tubes for money to be sent to another part of building quickly, and because of this they remain one of our most popular machines to hire.

However, if you require something with a little more flexibility or reach then don't worry, we can help you there too. Our range of articulated boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts is just as good.

Articulated Boom Lift

An articulated boom-lift is a more customizable and adaptable version of the cherry picker, providing both horizontal and vertical reach for working on construction or industrial projects.

Perfect for working both indoors and outdoors, the articulated boom could be used for a range of tasks like cleaning windows, installing cladding, construction and electrical installation.

The booms vary in length, so be sure to contact our boom lift hire colleagues to see what is the best option for you.

To lower the price of these you may be interested in used boom lifts We have a range of used aerial lifts that are of great quality.

Fill in our contact box for more information on the hire services which we can provide. A member of our team will aim to respond to you at the earliest opportunity with all the information you need.


Telescopic Boom Lift in Buckinghamshire

A telescopic boom-lift is a piece of equipment that offers the greatest horizontal outreach of any type of aerial platform, with some reaching out as high as ninety feet.

They are just as adaptable as their smaller counterparts, and are available in a number of different power options too.

They are particularly useful where access is limited during construction, such as a roof, for example. Telescopic boom lifts could be used in areas as diverse as building ships, maintenance of tall buildings, or chipping away at a quarry face.

Our local contractors are able to offer this equipment nearby you and in surrounding areas at prices closest to your budget. So please get in touch today if you would like more information.

Genie Boom Lift Near Me

Genie have been the market leaders with these products for some time, which is why we offer their products for hire. You may be confident in the strength of this brand, knowing that you will have a truly world-class product working hard for you.

Genie have always been a respected name in the mobile elevated working platform business, and with good reason too.

Established in 1966, Genie have become a byword for excellence in boom-lift technology since then, and have poured over fifty years of experience into a range of lifts that are unsurpassed in their technology and capabilities.

Whether they are producing articulated or telescopic booms, telehandlers or scissor lifts, Genie will always be synonymous with great engineering, solid craftsmanship and their distinctive bright blue colouring.

Interested in finding out more? Simply complete the contact form on this page with all of your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We can offer more information on the various equipment and the cost of hire and purchase.

Boom Lift for Sale

As new and exciting advances in technology provide more and more MEWP options, we want to stay ahead of the curve and provide you with the most up to date equipment possible. This gives you the confidence that we are constantly investing in the future, so you know that when you hire from us, you're only getting the very best.

But to make way for the future, we sometimes have to let go of other trusted pieces of equipment to make room for them. The Genie boom-lift that we have for sale is one such piece. You can be certain that even though we are letting this machine go, it's not because it no longer performs a function effectively.

Genie are well renowned for their sturdy equipment and you can be confident that you are getting a high-quality product manufactured by the brand leader.

It's not just boom lifts we have for sale. Find out about getting deals on telehandlers and other aerial lifts too.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, including its technical specifications and previous history, then don't hesitate to give one of our colleagues a call or send us an email, and they can answer any and all questions about this excellent machine.


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There are so many combinations of options available that it only makes sense that you should speak to us before making a decision. Whether it's a cherry picker, an articulated boom arm, or a telescopic boom lift, get in touch with us and see what is available.

Who knows, we may have something better in mind than you have seen that will not only do the job better and faster but come in on the same budget too!

Enquire today about our boom lift hire in Buckinghamshire MK18 2 and our Genie boom-lift for sale and see what our enthusiastic, reputable team can offer you.

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