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A dumper can be a very powerful piece of equipment, whether they are fitting into any modern fleet of construction vehicles or working on their own. Even a basic dumper offers a reliable way to move debris, from landscaping materials to old office equipment that you no longer need.

Our services include a wide range of dumper hire options, making hiring the right dumper model for your needs incredibly easy. No matter the scale of your project, we can give you the right equipment for the job.


Dumpers Available to Hire in Larne

We have a wide range of dumpers on offer - top-quality pieces of equipment that can work well on nearly any work site.

With so many different options available, it can be tricky to know which types of equipment are best suited to your needs, so we are prepared to help our customers find the dumpers that match their requirements best.

We have worked with countless client companies to help them find the equipment they need most, whether that is a simple swivel skip or a much more complex, hi-tip tracked dumper that is meant for use with excavators. Whatever you are looking for, we can find a product that will meet your needs.

Online Hire

All of our equipment, from tracked dumpers to swivel skip systems, is available for hire whenever you need it. We aim to accommodate every client's needs as accurately as possible.

Plant Hire

We offer plant hire options for a company that wants to hire our dumpers as their own. If you want to arrange a plant hire agreement, contact us directly to discuss further details.


We can often promise next-day delivery on our dumpers, meaning that you can usually collect it from your property in less than 24 hours.


No matter where your site is located in the country, we can get your new dumper to you in absolute safety, delivering it just when you need it most.


We can offer vehicle products that fit the scale of your project, whether you are overhauling an entire outdoor space or decorating a landscaped area. Each branch of our list of products can be used in entirely different ways.


All of our products are priced fairly, with the hire costs being representative of the products themselves. This does not include any other services that go along with the products, but we can ensure that you understand any added costs before you sign the hire form.


Dumper Options

With so many different types of equipment on offer, it can be hard to find a dumper that perfectly matches your needs and desired features. Thankfully, our staff have been on in-depth training courses for many of these tools, making it easy for them to recommend the ideal tool for your situation.

You can hire any of our dumpsters through our site. On many sites, you would need to get registered for an account on the site, login, and then add the products you want to your account basket. With us, you can simply contact us directly to arrange a more in-depth hire discussion.

High-Tip Machines

Our high-tip (or hi-tip) machines are suitable for moving heavy materials quickly and for tipping into larger containers.

Swivel Skip Machines

Our swivel skip options are the exact opposite of hi-tip machines, acting as a more reliable, lower-down dumper option that can help you in more cramped working conditions.

Major Brands

We can offer dumper hire products from all kinds of major brands, including powerhouses like JCB.

Training Courses

In certain cases, we may be able to arrange training courses for your employees, helping them get used to their new equipment and how to operate it in the safest possible way.

New Products

We often get hold of new dumper equipment regularly and can offer the latest news on particular brands or models that you might like. We also keep up-to-date on the latest news about safety concerns and training requirements that you might face as an employer or manager.

Tracked Dumper Hire

Our tracked dumpers are a convenient option for any site that deals with open ground, giving you a range of ways to deal with debris and other disposal-ready substances. Whether combined with some of our lifting equipment or use on their own, they can be very powerful tools on the worksite.

We see accurate, dependable service as one of your customer rights, and we will do our best to help you locate a product that suits your needs.

Why tracked dumpers?

Tracked dumpers are one of the many dumper options we have available for hire and can easily become the centre of your business thanks to their range of useful features.


Tracked dumper designs have a high standard of safety, with a lot of safety features installed by default.


There are many different branches of tracked dumper that we can offer, all of which have their own added features. This could be something as small as a quick-drying option or as major as a four-wheel-drive setup.
For example, swivel dumper products come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that you can choose from a range of swivel dumpsters.

Specific Uses

We can help you create the perfect set of tracked vehicles for dealing with any given situation, from compact models that handle tight spaces well to larger vehicles that are perfect for clearing out an entire street if needed.


Why Hire Modern Fleet Vehicles From Us?

All of our dumper vehicles are designed to work well in the hands of our customers and were hand-picked to become part of our online hire services. Each product works well for a different purpose, but the products that you want to hire are entirely up to you.


We have been trading for a while, offering a range of products and working with countless past clients.


We are up to date on the latest news concerning the UK hire and construction vehicle niches. Our network of sources and experts makes it easy for us to answer any enquiry you might have about our hire products and their capabilities.

Quality Standards

We apply all of the latest updates to our products and improve every vehicle to the highest standard possible.


We apply any software updates to your selected equipment before we send it out, just to be safe. Each of our products is kept as up-to-spec as possible, even if that means something as simple as updating the product's digital display.

Customers First

Our hire products come secondary to our customers in every regard. Our products are important, but not as important as the people who hire said products and expect their new products to function properly.


Hiring products from us is simple. Completing a form that you need to sign is most of the work, and we do not even have to meet in person for you to sign up.

Collect Products

We can send your products directly to you, rather than you having to collect the products yourselves from our hire centre. Upon completing a hire period, we can also return to collect the products, so you will not have to sort your hired products out yourself.

Get in Touch

If you want to know more about the products we offer or have a specific item that you want to hire, contact us directly to learn more. You can email us at any time to arrange an email-based hire discussion or even use the email as a way to question us about the products we have in stock.

Note that there are other ways to contact us, too. If you prefer avoiding an email branch when dealing with a quote for hire products, we can move away from email to another method of communication.

Whatever type of products you are looking for, our branch of different product lists should make it easy to track down an item that fits. Send us an email if you need to know more or if you are ready to hire something straight away.

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