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We offer many forms of tool hire and can provide rollers to a range of clients across the UK.

Our company is made up of industry experts, ensuring we can provide you with the right advice when hiring what you need to get the job done. Our tool hire is flexible to ensure we can meet the needs of our clients.

In many cases, we can provide next day delivery of our roller equipment based on your location, and our service is exceptional.

With a range of power tools hire available, we can help all customers no matter what their needs are, based on the availability of our products.

We will have the solution you are looking for as we are experts in maintenance, which is why we have a complete catalogue of power tools available to hire direct from us.

No matter what you are working on, our rolling equipment hire service can help.

You can come to speak to us at your local branch, phone or get in touch on the website to learn more.


Vibrating Roller Hire in Norfolk

Rollers are used for asphalt compaction and similar tasks, which is why they are most commonly found in professional environments.

We have a range of equipment on offer at our branch. You can view these at your local store or in our online catalogue.

Vibrating rollers are one of the best kinds of tools out there for compaction. Used commonly for large spaces, such as driveways and public spaces, vibrating rollers are suitable for professional construction work as they make compaction easy.

For these large projects, vibrating rollers are more efficient, which is why we have them available for hire, which is ideal for local contractors and construction companies. They ride similar to a car, which is why they can only be used by licensed drivers and are a powerful piece of equipment.

A vibrating roller is usually a ride-on piece of equipment, where a two-wheel drive is installed on the rear and a drum roller on the front. If you can drive a car, then you may be able to ride a vibrating roller but be aware that an additional license is required when working in professional spaces.

As the name suggests, the vibrating aspect of this equipment plays a huge part in how they work for maintenance. Vibrations come out of the roller and organize particles, such as the asphalt or soil, while also applying pressure directly on specific layers to create a flat, even layer.

This is the ideal tool to use in this kind of work as it is powerful and ensures the job is done well.

We have vibrating rollers for hire, but you will need to check with your local branch for availability. These rollers can be used for various categories of work, including construction and landscaping, based on the drum width you choose.

We have various rollers on offer in our stores, subject to availability, so you can hire the ideal one to work on all surfaces, including the lawn or asphalt. With this tool, you will flatten the road you have filled with concrete, tarmac, or asphalt to ensure it is safe for public use.

The same can also be said for lawn work, as these vibrating rollers are also used in landscaping.

They will flatten the lawn, making it easier to plant new grass or to cover with concrete to make pathways or roads. You will see these used most in professional settings, as they require a license to drive (similar to a car) and are not suitable for small areas.

We can deliver this equipment to your site and help you carry out your work on time.

Our company will work on the date you provide, and our services are renowned for being reliable. This is why our tool hire is one of the best, and we operate with fair prices (excluding VAT) to ensure our services are accessible to all.

Vibrating rollers can be delivered to your site, but they are also available to collect, based on availability. Our company will collect the roller from your site at the end date of your contract, which is a service our customers appreciate.


Nationwide Roller Hire

We are a UK-based tool hire company and have customers across the nation. We provide a range of equipment that is available to hire as well as smaller tools available to buy from your local store.
From safety footwear to large equipment like rollers, we have a range of products available to make your work easier.

You can visit our online centre to see everything we have on offer and search through accessories, tools, and large equipment hire based on availability. You can also visit your local branches for more as we have stores across the country.

Our customer centre is also available to speak to online or over the phone to help with all inquiries. Our working hours vary based on the location, so you should get in touch with us for more information.

The central office of our business is open Monday to Friday until 5:00pm, making it easy for you to drop by and get the information your need.

From delivering status to making a deposit, we can handle these jobs in person or online.

This is why we are the ideal hire business for contractors across the nation, as we make it easy for you to get what you need. Shop in-store for small accessories or visit your local branch for tool hire. Please note VAT applies.

VAT applies to all prices, and deposits cannot be refunded for tool hire. This is why we ask all contractors to sign a form before hiring equipment from us because we require a deposit. This covers the cost of delivering the equipment and the overall hire.


Roller Hire Benefits

A specific kind of job requires a roller, which is why it does not make financial sense for your site to buy rollers outright as they may not be needed all the time.

Instead, our hire service makes it easy for you to get access to the equipment you need when you need it, which can not only save money but also time and space on the job site.

Rollers are ideal for any form of compaction, whether this takes place on a plant site for landscaping or public walkways. These are large pieces of equipment, and we offer a variety of categories of them.
We offer rollers in all categories, such as varying drum width options as well as the type of roller and how it can be used.

Please note that only licensed contractors can use a roller, and you need to protect your workspace by ensuring you have the right documentation on hand.

Before we can offer rollers for hire, we will need some kind of photographic ID as well as proof of address and identity. You may need to visit your local branch during opening hours to provide this documentation, and luckily we have branches across the nation which is ideal for our customers.

The main reason why hiring a roller is ideal, compared to buying outright, is the fact it is cheaper. While all of our prices do not include VAT, it is cheaper to hire a soil or plant roller instead of buying it outright.

We provide all categories of roller, ensuring that all needs are met. Each roller has different features to make it better suited to the task at hand, such as a vibrating roller is better for concrete than a plant roller which is made for soil.

We offer all categories of roller to hire, helping you find the ideal equipment for your needs with ease.

You will have to pay a fixed fee, complete with VAT, for your tool hire, but this is a lot cheaper than buying the equipment outright. With an account, which you can make online or through our registered office, you can continue to hire from us, and this process is easier with an account.

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