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We offer scissor lifts for hire and we have helped thousands in Achmelvich IV27 4 organise the rental of our amazing scissor lifts. Our services allow access to very high-quality heavy scissor lifts through a very quick, easy and reliable rental service that we have established through many years of experience.

These serve as a great platform height to anyone but are more targeted towards workers in these busy warehouses who need fast access to storage.

For more information on Scissor Lift Hire in Achmelvich, please don't hesitate to call us on 0330 055 3232 or use the contact form below to get in touch with our specialist team to receive a range of great answers to any questions that you have.


What Is a Scissor Lift?

A scissor lift as an aerial lift platform that offers operatives the ability to reach in a vertical direction to complete a variety of different tasks in industries such as manufacturing, construction and facility management. Scissor lifts are nicknamed after the type of lifting mechanism used which is traditionally a criss-cross structure resembling a scissor.

Scissor Lift Dimensions

We can provide scissor lifts of a number of different shapes and sizes to ensure that your requests are provided. We are also able to provide other powered access lifts including boom lifts and much more in various sizes.

We offer a number of lifts, some that go higher than others and some that are wider than others, to allow you to choose the perfect elevator for your warehouse or storage facility. Because our scissor lifts come in a range of many different sizes, you will be able to reach tight spaces that are of a high working height.

It is crazy how tall these can stand and we, therefore, suggest that you research the perfect size for your area before purchasing a lift. Scissor lifts are a great mechanism for any warehouse so we definitely advise you to get in touch with us to find out more.

If you would like to find out more, please complete the provided contact form to gain a range of great information and any answers to all of your questions.

Why Choose Aerial Lifts?

  • More than 5000 machines available across the UK

  • All Working Heights available

  • Lightweight, compact and reliable machinery

  • Direct drive electric machines for greater efficiency

  • Double deck and rough terrain

  • Many different lifts

  • Narrow aisle machines to access tight areas

  • Non-marking tyre options

  • Models with 1,134kg Safe Working Load (SLW)

Scissor Lift Table

Scissor lift tables are commonly overlooked by most of our customers due to their lower popularity. However, we always promote these scissor tables as they are great for providing a really useful surface to elevate objects from the ground to a higher floor.

These are also very commonly seen in warehouses and storage units due to their capability to lift heavy objects onto high places. The tables may be less popular, but are still very highly requested to firms and warehouses due to their many different lifting benefits.

They are perfect for lifting heavy equipment in Achmelvich onto much higher ledges and prevent workers from damaging items or themselves trying to move this heavy equipment.

We can provide all of the info that you require on all of our tables to ensure that you choose the best choice for your facility. We can offer you a wide range of important information if you are interested but you are unsure of which is perfect for you. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible to receive this information and ask any questions that you are still unsure about.


Electric Scissor Lifts in Achmelvich

Electric scissor lifts are our main sellers due to their easy-to-use system and very low maintenance benefits. There are also diesel scissor lifts which is another type of commonly used kind of lift next to the scissor lift. Electric and diesel scissor lifts are perfect for maintenance work such as painting and decorating as it allows hands-free access to tall working heights and tight spaces.

If you are thinking about going into a job using this powered access equipment, you may want to try out the IPAF training which can get you started. You will learn everything you need to know to operate a scissor lift with the relevant health and safety legislation, lifting operations, lifting equipment regulations and work equipment regulations.

However, if you are unsure of which of our products you require, we are always more than happy to help you at no cost to see which would be the perfect solution for you and the purpose you are looking to achieve. If you are in need of this information quickly as you are expecting a job, we can support next-day and same-day delivery if necessary. Make sure you check with your company of choice beforehand if they offer next day delivery as they need to ensure that their service is trustworthy.

Scissor lifts are becoming very popular and are often hired to provide the benefits for a certain amount of time. We can help you by providing details and statistics of all of our hire equipment to ensure that you choose the correct choice for your intended purpose.

We offer mobile scissor lifts that are perfect for rough terrain. Our rough terrain scissors are used outdoors and are perfect for many people looking to reach working heights on external walls and buildings. If you are interested in our amazing rough terrain scissor lifts, please feel free to get in touch with our specialist team.

We have provided thousands of people with the perfect scissor lifts& in the past and are always more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect option in Achmelvich.

Lifting Equipment Hire Near Me

The scissor lifts are very commonly used as lifting apparatus due to their heavy capabilities and strength. If you are looking to improve your skills you may be interested in PASMA training which can help with this.

IPAF training is the most popular course as we are highly recommended as the best training provider in the UK. Make sure you check out our designated IPAF Training page and get in contact to organise your course today.

Alternatively, if you are looking to purchase a lift to use as lifting equipment, please contact us as we are very experienced and can provide a useful set of knowledge to assist you in finding the perfect option for you. Make sure you check out all of our pages as we have a range of hire equipment available to hire including scissor lifts, boom lifts, cherry pickers and telehandlers.

All of our machines have their own unique benefits. They all have their own working heights which could be the main reason that you are hiring. Scissor lifts are perfect for anyone wanting easy access to a tall facility as they are easy to operate and ideal for smaller spaces. They can also be amazing for anyone looking for a machine with the benefit of indoor use.

Manlift Machines in Achmelvich

Our powered access lifts in Achmelvich are used for a number of different purposes however if you choose to purchase our products that have barriers you are likely looking to use them to either elevate heavy objects securely or people up onto higher ledges or platforms.

We offer man lifts that are great for doing this and can elevate many people depending on the one that you have. Manlifts are really beneficial for workhouses and storage spaces due to their size and shape to allow quick access to much higher platforms.

Standard Scissor Lift Specifications

  • Max Working Height: 33.5m

  • Minimum Working Height: 6m

  • Fuel Type: Diesel, Electric or Hybrid

  • Environment: Indoor or Outdoor

  • Outreach: No

Low-Level Scissor Lift Specifications

  • Max Working Height: 5m

  • Minimum Working Height: 3m

  • Fuel Type: Battery or Non-powered

  • Environment: Indoor or Outdoor

  • Outreach: No

We provide hire equipment and lifts that can reach up to amazing working heights to allow workers to look at storage or even use the straight vertical lift as an elevator.

Our Supported Brands

  • JCB - JCB S1530E, JCB S1930E, JCB S2032E, JCB S2632E, JCB S2646E, JCB S3246E, JCB S4046E,

  • Manitou - Manitou 78 SEC, Manitou 80 VJR, Manitou 90 V'Air, Manitou 100 SC, Manitou 100 SEC, Manitou 100 VJR, Manitou 120 AETJ-C, Manitou 120 SC, Manitou 120 SE, Manitou 140 SC, Manitou 150 AETJ-C, Manitou 160 ATJ, Manitou 170 AETJ-L, Manitou 180 ATJ, Manitou 200 ATJ E, Manitou 220 TJ ST5, Manitou 260 TJ, Manitou 280 TJ, Manitou MAN'GO 12,

  • Genie - Genie GS-1432m E-Drive, Genie GS-1930, Genie GS-1932 7.79m 227kg, Genie GS-1932m 7.55m 227kg, Genie GS-2032 7.9m 363kg, Genie GS-2046 8.1m 544kg, Genie GS-2632 9.8m 227kg, Genie GS-2646 9.9m 454kg, Genie GS-2669 9.7m 680kg, Genie GS-3232 11.5m 227kg, Genie GS-3246 11.75m 318kg, Genie GS-3369 11.75m 454kg, Genie GS-4046 13.94m 350kg, Genie GS-4069 14.12m 363kg, Genie GS-4655 15.95m 350kg,

  • JLG - JLG AE1932, JLG ES1330L, JLG ES1530L, JLG ES1932, JLG ES2632, JLG ES3246, JLG R1932, JLG R2632, JLG R3246, JLG R4045, JLG ERT2669, JLG ERT3369, JLG ERT4069, JLG ERT4769, JLG RT2669, JLG RT3369, JLG RT3394, JLG RT4069, JLG RT4394, JLG RT4769, JLG RT5394,

  • Magni - Magni ES0607M, Magni ES0607DC, Magni ES0708DC, Magni ES0807AC, Magni ES0808AC, Magni ES0812AC, Magni ES1008AC, Magni ES1012AC, Magni ES1212AC, Magni ES1412AC, Magni ES1612AC, Magni ES1612ACP, Magni ES2212E, Magni ES2814E, Magni ES3214E,


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