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We offer telehandler hire in Ashmore Lake WV13 1 and help thousands of people across the UK by helping them organise this machinery rental.

Could your current project benefit from a telehandler? Do you need the heavy artillery to complete a job but the budget won't allow it? Has your current machinery seen better days or given up the ghost altogether and the prospect of paying out for new machinery leaves you in a cold sweat?

For any questions on our prices or if you are looking for a free quote, get in touch with us by calling us on 0330 055 3232 or filling out the green enquiry form below. Our specialists are more than happy to assist you in providing prices for telehandler hire in Ashmore Lake.


What is a Telehandler?

A telehandler, also known as a telescopic handler, is a machine that has a boom that can be extended forwards and upwards from the vehicle. At the end of the boom, different attachments can be fitted such as forks, buckets, baskets and winches. These attachments all have different uses that are perfect for different scenarios.

If you're looking for the perfect telehandler to hire, then you've come to the right place. What you really need is a trustworthy, reliable telehandler hire firm that understands the equipment that you hire can make the difference between a project such as a house building being finished on time and leaving you with a bad reputation that lingers.

You must have a firm that won't give you the runaround, that won't provide you with sub-standard equipment, and that has the years of the necessary experience to advise you on what would benefit you and your project the most.

After all, who has the time to call different hire firms for the best possible price? We have a wide range of equipment you need at a price that you want without the inconvenience of having to shop around for a great deal.

If you are on a budget you may want to think about used aerial lifts. This can significantly lower your costs. We have a very full range of machines available for hire and can even help you if you are looking to purchase a machine.

If you require telehandler hire in Ashmore Lake or even a digger, then read on. We help thousands across the UK as we are plant hire experts and can provide all different types of access platforms.

What is a Telehandler?

A telehandler is also known as a telehandler, a teleporter or a boom-lift. It is a heavy-duty machine that is widely used for house building and industrial projects.

Telehandlers are like a forklift, but instead of having a vertical mast that can raise loads, it has the advantage of a telescopic boom arm that can extend loads upwards and/or forwards much further from the machine. They have excellent loader performance and are very popular across the UK.

Due to their long reach and superior performance, telehandlers are commonly used to move heavy loads to places that a conventional forklift could not reach, let's say, straight from the back of a trailer to the tenth floor of a high rise building under construction.

They come in all shapes and sizes and the fitting at the end of the boom arm can be adapted and tailored to whatever attachment would be best suited to the environment it will be working in.

Here's an example of how diverse these machines truly are. A common situation where a telehandler may be used is on a farm.

One type of telehandler might have twin forks on the front and will be used to carry bales of hay, whereas another type of telehandler that might be used on that same farm could have an extendable boom arm with a bucket scoop or muck grabber on the end to move the waste from the stables. And that's just on a farm.

The telehandlers can also be fitted with a winch at the end of the telescopic boom arm that would be useful moving materials and site equipment such as pallets of bricks or heavy masonry on a building site. It's not hard to see why their versatility has made them so popular.

Roto Telehandlers in Ashmore Lake

We have many options available for roto telehandlers in Ashmore Lake. As an established access platform hire company that work nationwide, we can cater for all requirements and provide the best telehandler available for your needs.

You can find more information on all of the telescopic handler models we offer at the bottom of the page. We also offer attachments for these aerial lifts and are more than happy to assist you!

Telescopic Forklift Near Me

A telescopic forklift is essentially a larger, more heavy-duty version of a standard forklift. As with most telehandlers, they are designed to work in all weathers and all types of rough terrain such as quarries, warehouses, building sites and construction, and they are fully adaptable to all of these tasks.

Attachments can include buckets, winches, grapples, lift tables, truss jibs and pallet attachments to name but a few. These telescopic forklifts are available to hire in Ashmore Lake WV13 1 from us in whichever configuration is ideally suited for your needs.

We also hire mini and industrial diggers when a house building or industrial project calls for something a little more robust and hard-wearing. Approach your building site head-on and get in touch with us today to organise a telehandler hire ASAP.


Digger Hire Prices

Digger hire prices in Ashmore Lake are as varied and unique as the machine combinations themselves. Machines range from mini digger size, which is more than enough for a small garden project like digging a pond or laying a new driveway, all the way up to industrial-scale diggers for those projects that require a lot more power, flexibility and endurance.

Why not speak to one of our experienced colleagues who can advise you further on our wide range of plant machinery? Additionally, find out about PASMA training here.

If you're interested to find out more about telescopic handler hire prices, please complete our contact box. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible with all the information required on the various prices involved.

Telehandler Rental in Ashmore Lake

Telehandler rental may be more economic than purchasing one from the manufacturer. If you've got a house building project that only requires heavy machinery for a short time then rental may be the perfect solution to the problem.

Even if you do need the machinery on a longer-term basis, it may still be more practical to rent than to buy. Think about it; no maintenance costs, the machines are fully insured, and you can upgrade to either the latest model or a bigger machine whenever you like, all without the hassle and inconvenience of either disposing of or selling the old machine at the end.

We have local experts who can provide a price for telescopic handler rental in Ashmore Lake WV13 1 nearby you and in surrounding areas. This means that we can provide telescopic handlers within 24 hours if necessary.

If you've got any questions you wish to ask us, please complete the contact form provided and we will respond with answers to all of your queries at the first opportunity. We can provide information on the dimensions of our huge range of telehandlers in Ashmore Lake such as max lift height and can help you organise a hire today.

Telescopic Handler Near Me

Telescopic handlers really are one of the most versatile machines that we offer for rental. We deal with some of the biggest manufacturers in the world, including Caterpillar, JCB and Ingersol Rand, so you can rest assured that you a renting a machine with a world-class track record of quality and reliability.

So, whether you have to have an additional telescopic handler to help make sure a housing development comes in on time, an extra machine to help plant or reap a harvest, or if your existing warehouse handler is on the blink and you need a temporary replacement until it can be fixed, hiring a machine from us could fix all your problems and save you one giant headache.

Where Is a Telehandler Used?

  • Construction

  • Industrial Sectors

  • Agricultural Sectors

  • Warehousing

  • Infrastructure Repair

Telehandlers We Offer in Ashmore Lake

  • JCB Telehandlers in Ashmore Lake - JCB 516-40, JCB 520-40, JCB 525-60, JCB 525-60E, JCB 531-70, JCB 533-105, JCB 535-95, JCB 535-125, JCB 540-140, JCB 540-170, JCB 540-180, JCB 540-200, JCB 541-70, JCB 516-40, JCB 520-40, JCB 525-60, JCB 560-80

  • Merlo Telehandlers in Ashmore Lake - Merlo P27.6, Merlo TF30.9, Merlo TF38.10, Merlo TF42.7, Merlo TF50.8, Merlo MF34.7, Merlo MF40.9, Merlo P50.18, Merlo P65.14, Merlo P72.10, Merlo P120.10, Merlo P35.11, Merlo P40.13, Merlo P40.17, Merlo Roto 40.18, Merlo Roto 50.21, Merlo Roto 70.24, Merlo Roto 50.26, Merlo Roto 50.30, Merlo Roto 70.28, Merlo Roto 50.35

  • Manitou Telehandlers in Ashmore Lake - Manitou MHT 12330, Manitou MT 420, Manitou MT 625, Manitou MT 730, Manitou MT 733, Manitou MT 930, Manitou MT 933, Manitou MT 1033, Manitou MT 1135, Manitou MT 1335, Manitou MT 1440, Manitou MT 1840

  • Genie Telehandlers in Ashmore Lake - Genie GTH-5519, Genie GTH-636, Genie GTH-844, Genie GTH-1056, Genie GTH-1256, Genie GTH-1544

  • JLG Telehandlers in Ashmore Lake - JLG G5-18A, JLG 742, JLG 943, JLG 1043, JLG 1055, JLG 1075, JLG 1255, JLG 1644, JLG 1732, JLG 2733

  • Magni Telehandlers in Ashmore Lake - Magni RTH 4.18, Magni RTH 5.18, Magni RTH 5.21, Magni RTH 5.23, Magni RTH 5.25, Magni RTH 6.21, Magni RTH 6.23, Magni RTH 6.25, Magni RTH 7.26, Magni RTH 6.30, Magni RTH 6.35, Magni RTH 6.39, Magni RTH 6.46, Magni RTH 6.51, Magni RTH 8.25, Magni RTH 13.26, Magni HTH 10.10, Magni HTH 16.10, Magni HTH 20.10, Magni HTH 24.11, Magni HTH 27.11, Magni HTH 30.12, Magni HTH 35.12, Magni HTH 50.14, Magni TH 6.20, Magni TH 5.24, Magni Ricklift 13, Magni Ricklift 15, Magni Ricklift 18

We can provide you with next day delivery in Ashmore Lake if you need it and we're only a quick phone call or a click away, whether it's a telehandler or spider lift so save yourself some sleepless nights and get in touch for a quote and all the latest news.


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