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Excavator training is an important service within the industry in Midlothian EH23 4 and we are one of the leading training providers in the UK. We help create experienced operators of heavy construction equipment, such as excavators, which are a vital asset to a range of worksites, including those in basic construction.

We have a range of excavator training courses available which are accredited by the construction industry training board, ensuring that legal requirements and health and safety standards are met throughout. With our CPCS technical tests, we offer a combination of classroom-based teaching as well as a practical test to ensure that you will be fully qualified for your CPCS trained operator card.


This qualification is required before staff can work in lifting operations and operate equipment such as an excavator, as well as other heavy machinery, which is vital to even basic construction.

We offer multiple training courses across the UK to ensure that worksites are safe and that the operators are qualified to handle the machinery their work demands, and we have helped hundreds of people across the country get the additional qualifications required by their career.

If you are interested in CPCS courses and are looking to further your career with additional qualifications, please use the contact form below to get in touch with our team today. Regardless of your experience in this industry, we have multiple courses on offer to help you gain the experience you need.

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What We Do

We are one of the country's leading training providers and have helped to create hundreds of experienced operators of machinery. We offer several courses which are accredited by the Construction Plant Competence Scheme, which are required for workers to be able to handle heavy machinery and other necessary equipment in the industry.

In these courses, successful candidates will be awarded a CPCS card at the end of their training, which means they can legally operate machinery such as excavators. We can work with construction experts as well as beginners in the industry, as we have several courses available.

With multiple courses on offer, we can help you get the formal qualification such as a CPCS blue card needed to operate excavators on site. To become a qualified plant operator, you need a driving licence as well as additional training to ensure you are working to meet the national health and safety requirements on site.

Following successful completion of our 360 excavator courses, you will be able to work on an ancillary equipment site and operate various forms of equipment.

A training course is required to offer basic understanding and practical skills in the management of on-site machinery, and we offer a combination of practical training and tests in our CPCS training courses.

We will cover the necessary service procedures to ensure that you can safely manage the machinery, as well as offer basic safety training so you can work in the construction sector. With a combination of theoretical aspects and practical assessments, we can ensure that your workers will be fully qualified to efficiently carry out operations with this equipment.

We understand that this kind of training is important for a range of job sites in the construction industry, which is why we offer multiple CPCS excavator 360 courses. Whether you have limited or no experience with lifting operations of this kind, we will have a training course suitable for you so you can become a qualified operator.

This is why we are a leading training provider, and you can work with us to enhance your career. Use the contact form below to get in touch with our team today, or visit our site at Sand Martin House for further information.


What Courses Are Available in Midlothian?

We offer CPCS 360 excavator training courses to the construction industry and have helped hundreds of workers become qualified in managing this kind of equipment. To be able to operate ancillary equipment site and in confined spaces, training needs to be completed, and this is what we specialise in.

We offer three main training courses to ensure that all workers can have access to the materials which can further their career. We offer:

360 Excavator Training: Novice

This is a training course for beginners in the industry and is suitable for those with no experience at all.

360 Excavator Training: Experienced

This is on-site training for those who have already completed some training in the plant competence scheme CPCS and will cover machines required by construction sites across the country where required certification is needed to operate.

This is a shorter course as it is aimed at those who have already undergone basic training and therefore know how to operate the machine safely but need other skills before they can qualify.

360 Excavator Training: Refresher

This is a course where the principle components of 360 excavator operations are taught once more. We can take on employees from other training providers who need a refresher in course content, as the training requirements can change for each job site and job role.

In the 360 Excavator refresher course, we will teach you the necessary routine adjustments which are in place across the industry, where machine minor adjustments are made to the training, as well as retrain workers in the necessary safety precautions when handling a heavy construction machine of this kind.

All of the 360 excavator training courses we offer include practical tests, technical tests, and theological learning for safety precautions interpret when operating wheeled or tracked undercarriage machinery. Our CPCS excavator 360 training courses are accredited by CITB operatives' health and safety regulations and work to meet these changing guidelines at all times.

As a leading provider of this kind of training, our company has worked with hundreds of people across the country who want to develop new skills and seek a new career path. We could help you today as an independent contractor or work with employers who want to offer additional training to their staff.

Use the contact form below to get in touch with a member of our team today to see how we can help you.

How Does The Training Work?

Our accredited 360 excavator course is a way to become qualified and obtain your CPCS card, which means that you will legally be able to operate specific machinery on site. We offer several training courses to those who are looking for their CPCS card, which can be a great tool for your career and we have helped hundreds of people across the UK become qualified in this field.

The course includes practical exercises, as well as training in CPCS theory to ensure you are qualified to handle this kind of machinery. With a CPCS card, your can automatically qualify to work on terrains machine configuration and handle other tools such as laser equipment and a rotating platform, which is needed when shifting materials. With this qualification, you will be an asset to the worksite.

We offer a course for operator pre-use as well as a refresher course to ensure that your workplace is meeting the minor adjustments in health and safety. With our accredited course, you can become qualified to handle a range of machinery and equipment, which is vital to the construction sector. We work with independent contractors as well as employees who are looking to offer this course to their workers to improve productivity on site.

Throughout the course, there is a range of materials that need to be covered, including routine servicing procedures, understand the workings of the machinery, a safety touch screen test, and theory-based testing. We will also perform an environment test to ensure that workers can handle the equipment safely on-site, even in confined spaces.

As our course is accredited, successful candidates will be given their CPCS card, which will qualify them to operate a range of machinery on-site across the country. Our course works to meet industry standards and meets the health and safety standards as indicated in the law, which is why, when qualified, our students can work in a variety of constriction environments and become an asset to the workplace.

If you are looking to further your career or want to offer additional training to employees, then please get in touch with us today. As the nation's leading provider of training courses, we can help get you qualified, and we have worked with hundreds of constriction workers, ensuring that all needs can be met.

Contact us today to see which course is most suitable for you and how we can help.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

We offer multiple forms of training to ensure that all construction workers have access to the necessary materials which can further their careers. This is why we offer a novice course, as well as a refresher course and training for experienced operators.

Depending on the kind of training you need, the costs of the course can vary. Our courses are accredited and work to meet industry standards, which is why we are a leading provider. There are funding grants available to eligible employers who are looking to take their team through additional training, and we can work with various government funding to give you access to the training you require.


To learn more about how much a training course can cost and whether you are eligible for additional support, please get in touch with us today.

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