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If you are working on any sort of major construction project or large scale landscaping or civil engineering undertaking, then you will probably want to hire some heavy machinery from a reliable tool hire company with full plant insurance.

The world of plant hire can be overwhelming, with such a huge range of options available, all with different dig depth, all-round visibility, operator comfort, or operating weight. Do you need a mini excavator?

Something bigger? What is the difference? Our team is here to help you pick the perfect machines for your job, and our customers can even get next day delivery to your site for an excavator or other plant!

No matter what sort of excavator you need, we are here to help you find something suitable, offering a wide range of valuable services. Read on below for more information, or feel free to get in touch via our website to ask about prices, services, or any other aspect of our company.


Nationwide Excavator Hire

There are many different types of high-level excavation vehicles available on the market at the moment, ideal for demolition, landscaping, or other projects, depending on which attachments you choose to hire for them.

Our company has a wide range of different machine options and attachments in our fleet, with JCB tools, destruction attachments, and high-performance excavators with or without a tail swing for extra versatility, all carried for hiring as part of our service. Customers can enjoy the reliability of our services, no matter what excavator machine they choose to hire from our centre.

Non-account customers will need to set up a credit account to hire our full range of excavators, but this is an easy process, giving access to every single one of our tool hire and plant hire services with ease.

Our team of trained staff keep up to date on the latest news in the sector, enabling us to offer the most up to date service possible at all times. For more information or to hire an excavator with full plant insurance, contact our team at any time.

Sizes of Excavator

We have a wide range of plant equipment in our fleet, available to be hired at any time. Different machines are available at different prices, so you can choose the equipment most suitable for your hire needs at any time. Do you want to prioritise all-round visibility? Complete weight load? A small footprint? Demolition power? We have got the tools for the job available for hire, and you will not have to pay above the odds for it.

Our fleet includes demolition and excavator machine options for hire at sizes between 1 tonne and 14 tonnes, all available for delivery to your site with ease.

If your site is small or full of tight corners, a smaller tool might be ideal for your demolition or construction project. The smaller models in our company fleet are ideally suited for manoeuvrability around small areas and are often hired for small projects that we can deliver quickly.

Larger machine equipment can be overkill for a small location, and our plant hire service would recommend using these instead for really heavy-duty construction sites. 14-tonne excavators are usually hired for agricultural groundwork or major civil engineering projects!

Our excavator hire services are flexible, however, so if you are not sure what size plant you need to hire for your project, get in touch, and we will help you work out which excavators are right for your particular needs.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Excavator?

The costs of excavator hire vary significantly depending on the size of machines you are looking to hire and how long you need to hire them for. In general, though, plant hire might not be as expensive as you may be expecting.

Smaller excavators of around 1-ton capacity start from around £165 per week to hire, or £85 per day. In addition to the basic costs of plant hire, you will also need to factor in about £75 for delivery and the same again for pick up at the end, unless you want to go and pick up the machines yourself.

Excavator hire for larger machines, such as a 14-tonne excavator, will cost you more like £300 per day or £500 per week, plus £130-150 delivery and the same again for pick up. In general, excavator hire is much more expensive for larger machines, so it makes sense to hire the smallest model you can for your needs.

Excavator Hire Company in Cumbria

Our plant hire services are available nationwide. Unlike other companies, which only offer hire for their local area, we are proud to cover the entire nation with ease. Our fleet can be dispatched to your location quickly and easily, no matter how remote your site may be. Get in touch and ask for a quote today!

We are proud to offer the best excavator hire service in the country, with a large fleet and excellent customer satisfaction rates. If you are interested in hiring some machinery or simply want to ask more questions, contact our team at any time for full and personal service. Whatever your project is, we are happy to help find you the perfect machinery!

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