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Learning to drive a forklift in Newtownabbey BT39 9 could be essential to your current role, but it can also be a great way to kickstart a new career. To be able to legally drive a forklift on a work site, you need to go through a forklift training course and be taught by qualified drivers.

Forklift drivers are an essential part of the workforce, and they are often in high demand, which is why going through your forklift training can be such an essential skill. To ensure that you are getting adequate training, so you will be fully literate in forklift trucks and how to handle them safely on-site, you will need to seek out forklift truck training near you.


There are some licenced forklift training courses that all prospective forklift operators should take. We can help you find the best forklift operator training course near you through our online contact form on our site.

Please note: you may receive multiple responses to your enquiry - this is to ensure that you are getting the best price available!

What Is A Forklift Training Course?

There is a very high demand for forklift drivers and operators across the UK and Europe, which is why many look to find a forklift training course as a way to enhance their career prospects. Almost any work site can benefit from this kind of training, and a truck can be a useful piece of equipment to have.

Before you can operate a forklift truck, even if you already have experience with similar equipment, some legal requirements must be met. This is why every forklift driver in the country has undergone forklift training, which are courses that offer practical training for operating a forklift safely.

There are licenced training organisations across the country, and we can help pair forklift drivers with the right training course for their needs at our site. If you have never used a forklift before, then you will need to start with novice forklift training courses that offer comprehensive forklift training to all, complete with health and safety training.

In this course, you will be taught about work equipment regulations for a reach truck and will have to regularly attend a training centre for a mixture of physical and practical training throughout the course. Forklift vehicles are present in a range of industries, and those who can drive them are in very high demand, which is why it is a good idea for you to aim to get your forklift licence through a training course near you.

There will be a training centre near you for forklift driver training, and we only recommend the best to our clients. We will only recommend accredited training centres for both novice training and refresher training. Find out more at our site, and use the contact form.

What Is Involved With Forklift Driver Training?

There are two main kinds of training courses that all forklift operators have to attend. The first course is novice training, which is the first kind of training course all drivers need to undergo. This is the training where you will be taught everything you need to know about forklift trucks and how to operate them safely before you can get your licence.

In the truck training centre, there will be a mixture of physical tests and written exams to partake in throughout the course before you can be given your forklift licence.

Forklift drivers who have already obtained their licence and are experienced also need to undergo another training course throughout their career. It is an employer's choice to ensure staff are refreshed and up to date with the safety procedures of forklift driving, and they may send their trained staff to forklift refresher training at a local training centre after three to five years of being in operation.

Both of these training courses ensure forklift drivers have the mandatory knowledge and experience to ensure health and safety. The rules for companies can vary, but all need to operate under the same legal requirements when it comes to operating equipment like this, and this is something you will learn at the local training centre when you start your training course.

If you are based in the UK and are interested in getting trained for forklift operation, contact us today as we can pair you with a local forklift training centre and the right training course for your needs.

In a training course, an instructor will work with you to teach you how to operate a forklift. There will be a combination of manual handling of the truck, as well as some written content such as an exam which needs to be passed at the end of the course before you will be a qualified forklift driver.

These training courses, especially the novice forklift training course all new drivers need to take, ensure that you are fully equipped to operate this machinery. You will be given experienced training from instructors who have the skills and expertise required to aid you through training.


Why Undergo Forklift Truck Driving Courses?

Many companies can benefit from having an experienced forklift driver on their site. The skills required for this kind of work can help increase productivity at the site, and it can be an investment that pays off quickly.
The course used to train a forklift driver is something that can be paid for by your employer, with some companies offering in-house driver training through accredited instructors. Once a driver has undergone the necessary forklift training courses, they can be an asset to the business.

With their license, they will be fully qualified to use these rider operated lift trucks which can be a great way to increase productivity on your site. Forklift trucks, and a reach truck, can make things easier in the workforce and can manage large tools or pallets of items quickly.

Once someone has undergone experienced training and is then licenced in operating forklifts, they can operate at a much faster speed than what is allowed during practice training.

Being able to manage a forklift or reach truck at a faster speed can be an asset to your company, offering increased productivity while abiding by the health and safety standards within the country.

Local Training Courses in Newtownabbey

A local forklift training course can be so beneficial to both the employer and the employee. We work with both companies and independents for forklift driver training and can help pair you with the right training course and training centre within your area through our site.

A lift truck training course will provide training, skills and rely on previous experience to help people handle forklifts, a reach truck, or lift truck safely. In the training centre, an instructor will educate the driver on everything, including health and safety for a work site, as well as the regulations required for this kind of truck, such as the speeds and weight capacity.

Work equipment like this can be an asset to your business, but you cannot use them without forklift courses that are available. We can help you find a local training centre for yourself or your staff, as we work to pair people with the right forklift training course to advance their careers.

For more, use the contact form on our website. We can also provide a list of the local forklift training course instructors that you can rely on at this time.


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