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If you are working on a major construction project or even just some large scale landscaping, then you might be considering plant hire to help with your digging work a. After all, nobody wants to dig more than they have to with a spade, a few buckets, and elbow grease!

Whether you are looking for micro excavators, post knockers, or just a small digger that can be hired for a few days, we can help with that. Our range of services is a broad one, and we have been offering plant hire to clients across the UK for years now.

All of our options are affordable, taking VAT into account, and there is sure to be a perfect digging tool to help you create your perfect building at an affordable price (VAT included).


Our fleet of mini excavators, micro diggers, and other plant options is a large one, offering a full range of plant hire options to ensure there's something suitable for the unique needs of any client.

Who are we?

We are one of the leading companies in the plant hire space, hiring out a huge range of machines from all of the major digger brands to clients in Neath Port Talbot.

No matter what your project is, a quick search of our fleet is sure to find the perfect excavator or digger for your needs, all available at a great price, vat inclusive.

Even if you're just at the stage of having an idea, you can contact us, and our friendly team will get back to you between Monday and Friday.

They can help with what sort of digging equipment you need, what access requirements that machine will have, and how best to have it delivered to your site.

Different projects require different machinery, from diggers to dumpers, and we pride ourselves on providing the ideal fit for every single possible project, regardless of their requirements (vat inclusive).

If you have any questions, either contact our team through the website or via phone to speak to one of our experts for help with equipment hire, from vat and insurance to demolition or how to operate a specific piece of equipment.

Why use us?

There are several features of our service that help us stand out from the competition. Our fleet of mini diggers and excavators is an enormous one, so we can hire out the machine for your needs, no matter whether you're looking for hole digging, drilling, or even concrete demolition.

We also offer a lower price than our competition, even when vat is taken into account. With such a good price, inclusive of vat, as well as an affordable deposit (again, vat included) and manageable insurance costs (vat inclusive), you don't need to worry about money or vat when hiring diggers or accessories from us.

Contact us now to speak to our team and ensure that you can get the best possible rates (vat inclusive) for hiring diggers or dumpers of any size in Neath Port Talbot. With one click, you can start asking for a VAT inclusive quote for your ideal projects!

Digger Hire Cost

The costs (vat inclusive) of hiring diggers can vary depending on a number of different factors. There is no single cost (vat inclusive) for hiring a digger, but rather it will depend on things like size, where your site is located, length of hire, and accessories. Do you just want a mini digger? That will be cheaper than a full-size model.

Similarly, if your site is near our depot, then access will be easy for your excavator. If you live at the other end of the country, then delivery or insurance might cost more! If you just want to hire your diggers for a day, that's going to be cheaper than hiring them for a week, and vat costs have to be calculated too.

You're also going to have to factor in fuel costs and vat. A full tank of fuel will do a lot of lifting work for you, but if you need to refill the fuel tank, then that will add to the costs - and there's vat on fuel to consider, too!

There are many different factors that affect the costs (vat inclusive) of hiring diggers, the insurance rates, and the level of deposit (vat included) required. The best way to get a vat inclusive quote for your project, your vehicle, or your fuel requirements is to contact us and speak with a member of our team, who will be able to work out a quote, the rough vat cost, and even the deposit you should expect quickly and easily before you commit to anything.

We are one of the leading companies for hiring diggers in the UK, with years of experience and an excellent standard of customer feedback. No matter what sizes and weights of digger you're looking for, you can simply speak to our team and obtain a great price (including vat) for your ideal machinery!


How much is it to hire a digger for a day?

As well as renting out diggers for longer periods of time, we also provide the option to hire out a digger for a single day.

This can be much cheaper (even taking vat into account) than longer-term services, but the costs and vat to your account will still vary significantly based on where you are, what type of digger you want to hire, and whether you need extra breaker attachments or other accessories as part of your package.

You don't even have to open an account to get a quote (vat inclusive) for renting a digger for a single day. Simply contact us today to discuss your project, and we'll help you to work out your costs (vat included) for a day's rental.

Mini Digger Hire

For those in need of something a bit smaller, we also provide mini digger rental services (vat inclusive). Why might you want a mini digger? Well, if your required dig depth is relatively shallow, mini diggers might well be enough to reach that dig depth.

They're also great if you don't need the stability of a larger and more expensive plant and can have lower vat. This can save you a lot of money in the long term, particularly when you take the added costs of VAT into account.

How much is it to hire a mini digger for a day?

The costs of rental for a small machine like this vary depending on a number of factors but are generally much lower than a full-size model, particularly when you include VAT. The deposit will also be lower!

To learn more about costs and vat, just contact us, and we can give you a bespoke quote (vat inclusive) and deposit rate. No need to search the internet exhaustively!

Digger Hire Near Me

If you're looking to hire a digger near you, we're the ideal company for your needs - no need to search anywhere else! We can help both individuals and companies with their needs for plant hire, with heavy lifting plants, breakers, augers, and digging equipment all available for quick delivery.

Should I hire an operator to help me?

If you've got experience with digging machines, augers, or breakers, you should be fine on your own. If you're new to the world of the digger, however, then engaging a driver or operator to help you is a great idea. This gives you great protection in case things go wrong!

Cheap Digger Rental in Neath Port Talbot

We offer a wide range of different digger brands for hire in the region, all at affordable prices (including VAT). Other companies often overcharge for digger rental, with VAT on top, but we believe in offering affordable access to high-quality tools, even after VAT is added.

Do I need a Licence to Hire a Digger?

You don't need a license to hire a digger unless you're planning on driving it on a public road. However, if you're using a digger or mini digger on a construction site, any inspector can ask you for proof of training or of competence at any time.


We are confident in saying we are the best digger rental company in the area, thanks to our large fleet of vehicles and great prices. Contact us at any time for a bespoke quote (vat inclusive) for the perfect digger for your needs!

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